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MacBook Pro 2021 (M1 Pro), foto 1 Telefony a GPS, GPS | spěchá - bazar, inzerce zdarma

The new MacBook Pro is all-new but also strangely nostalgic. As well as an updated design, new screen, radically powerful processor and significantly increased battery life, it sees the return of several features which had previously been removed, such as a more traditional row of function keys, an SD card slot, HDMI socket and MagSafe. As you’ll know, the latter is the brilliant system which connects the power cable to the laptop magnetically, so if someone trips on the cable, it safely detaches rather than sending your MacBook Pro flying.

The new laptop comes in two new sizes: this review is about Apple’s first-ever 14-inch machine, and there’s also a new 16-inch model with a slightly bigger screen (strictly speaking, 16.2 inches) than the previous 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Both use Apple’s own silicon, and there are two processors to choose from: M1 Pro and M1 Max, which are the new, more powerful versions of last year’s M1 chip. It means that every Mac laptop now comes with Apple’s own-brand silicon—there’s no Intel chip on any MacBook Air or MacBook Pro now. So, should you be upgrading to the 14-inch MacBook Pro?

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